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B2B Customer Accept payments in Bitcoin and 30+ other cryptocurrencies – bitcoin payment gateway. Get paid in 6 major national currencies directly to your bank accounts.

Spectrocoin Payment Gateway

BitPay facilitates the feature of setting custom withdrawal speeds, making it one of a kind. The daily threshold is 1,000 dollars, with the annual one being 10,000 dollars. After that, a transaction fee of 1% is charged, allowing you to save up considerable funds. You get the option of free currency transfer to friends and family, and that too 24/7. The option of trading at live market prices increases your chances of scoring a profit, proving how it is the best in class.

The Latin American expansion means Gocrypto will be open in 13 new markets and the team hopes to onboard as many stores in the region as possible. We wanted to accept StartCOIN payments so we starting developing.

It also lets the users sell images, music, URLs, videos, and online text using crypto coins like Ethereum, Bitcoin, etc. It gives you a unique investment option by allowing you to reserve a certain amount of your profits separate, this helps businesses in the long-term. You can effectively reduce the number of frauds, chargebacks, and minimize the charges on transactions.

The Best Payment Gateway For Cryptocurrencies

Payments are processed instantly and securely on the blockchain, so you will never have to worry about fraud or chargebacks. Founded in the United States, BitPay is a leading Bitcoin payment processor, and has been under development since the early days of Bitcoin in 2011. YS Education brings a comprehensive Funding Course, where you also get a chance to pitch your business plan to top investors. Get the demo of our product right now and see how it can transform your business.

Accept Crypto At Your Store Get $€¥£.

We can help you too, by helping you to hire and effortlessly manage expert developers. DevTeam.Space is a vetted community of expert dev teams supported by an AI-powered agile process. • Reduce the costs that come with other payment methods such as credit cards etc. B2Broker LTD does not provide any financial or other services advertised on this website. B2BinPay allows any business to securely and cost-effectively Send, Receive, Store, Convert and Accept CryptoCurrency Payments Online.

cryptocurrency payment gateway

Clear and organized books make financial comprehension and compliance a breeze. Venturing into new territory can be intimidating for your business. COINQVEST takes advantage of the Stellar Consensus Protocol to provide you quick and safe receipt of cryptocurrencies for your growing business. COINQVEST provides an innovative and continually improving merchant-based API with your business in mind. For non-developers, our hosted checkout is simple and functional.

BIPS is Payment Service Provider specializing in the technical aspects of accepting cryptocurrencies – such as bitcoin. Generally speaking, SpicePay wouldn‘t be my first choice of payment forex gateway as it lacks a number of helpful features that others on this list possess. However, if your business relies heavily on PayPal then it is certainly a great platform to consider.

  • Sadly, there are a few drawbacks with GoURL as a payment gateway.
  • B2BinPay is a cryptocurrency payment solution that permits businesses worldwide to send, receive, store, exchange and accept online crypto payments securely and safely at a reduced cost.
  • GoURL charges a 1.5% fee on all payments made through a website and 3.5% for using Monetiser Online.
  • Firstly, the platform doesn‘t offer direct bank transfers, which for some businesses will certainly be a frustration.

Incoming crypto is immediately converted to the fiat currency of your choice, so you don’t have to worry about price fluctuation. Conventional card based payment platforms cost you upto 3% per transaction. Through billbitcoins you save upto 2% without the hassles of card platforms. Here is an example of a payment gateway that incorporates this new technology as well as multi-cryptocurrency functionality. Another attribute that makes this platform more special is that it updates itself every 60 seconds.

Our card-to-crypto services enable crypto exchanges to leverage global card networks like Visa and Mastercard to accept credit and debit card payments. / forex Accepting fast, safe and convenient credit and debit cards for cryptocurrency payments helps platforms gain new customers and boost transaction revenue.

It gives many options to traders and lets them include digital assets in other domains as well. There are many reliable crms development companies that help you create your own payment gateway like BitPay. By using this means, they can totally eradicate the third parties that extend the time of transactions and enhance their cost as well.

Fiat on-ramps allow people to bring their fiat currency into the crypto ecosystem. Discover how crypto merchants can beat the competition with fiat on off-ramps. Analyse payments by day, hour and location, and learn about your business to grow it even further. And when you need to send out those paychecks, transfer your holdings from your GoCrypto account to your local bank account with just a click.

cryptocurrency payment gateway

BitPay is an easy and simple payment gateway to set up and operate. The whole process has been streamlined to make it as straightforward as possible for less tech-minded merchants. While AlfaCoins has a slightly lower transaction fee of 0.99%, it doesn‘t offer the $1 million cryptocurrency payment gateway worth of free transactions that Coinbase does. That said, however, AlfaCoins charges no further fees to install the bitcoin payment system and is subscription free too. A further bonus is that AlfaCoins can be used in any country with the exception of Iran and North Korea.

With such a large number of users, Coinbase has the resources to develop some amazing features to help make life easier for its users. The payment solution that automates processing of cryptocurrency for anyone who wants to expand the payment methods available on their own website.

It is also compatible with the plugins of e-commerce platforms such as WooCommerce, VirtueMart, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Magento, etc. Your business can maintain its own asset reserve without any inclusion of a third party. Auto convert for some of our coins, saving you the trouble of moving funds, wasting time and fees.

As soon as the contract rule is established, you can increase the automation and give way for more purposes such as audit and adding different layers of security. Human intervention is lessened and you get accurate results that make things great for every business. For increasing the transparency in the entire process, you can get better norms validated and apply them to the core with more intensity.

If you run a compliant gaming operation in a licensed territory then we will be able to help you with payment processing without question. We will also help you setup with bank, broker and FX solutions for end to end payment solutions for your business. Our product range will give you the confidence you deserve when accepting fiat payments.

Get access to sales assistance, training and support materials. The vast majority of our cryptocurrencies are held in a secure Cold Storage. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at, or join our newsletter by submitting your email address. Get practical guidance on how to leverage blockchain technology in your firm. There is a beautiful & responsive payment box with an awesome design, compatible with all devices.

Spend Your Favourite Cryptocurrencies Including Bitcoin, Ethereum And More

The app supports numerous currencies; from the Chinese Yuan, Euro, Pound Sterling, U.S. dollar, and direct bank deposits. The best thing about the user-friendly application is that it supports near around 40 cryptocurrencies. With the single application, merchants can single-handedly at a point of time make payments using different currencies and methods. Coingate charges a nominal 1% fee on transactions, which is quite reasonable. For the best bitcoin global exchange experience, Coinbase is the most trusted name.