Running to Fat and Back Health Care System and Obesity Analytical Essay

Introduction: Who’s Fat?!

Being obese is a challenge. Since the modern society worships slim built, obese people are bound to be the outcasts of the modern world. However, where being overweight s a norm, another problem appears: the state of people’s health is growing increasingly endangered.


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Because of the increase in the obesity rates among the USA population, the health care system has been recently preoccupied with the means to provide a healthier lifestyle for the citizen of the USA. With help of a correct approach, the situation can be somehow tackled, which means that people’s health will be no longer under such risks.

There is no doubt that the concerns about the health of the USA citizens have certain grounds to base on. According to the results of the research conducted by Zoltan (2007), there are certain problems concerning the state of the national health. Since the results of the research emphasize the growing tendency of the USA citizen to “gain weight”, it is necessary to consider the problem as soon as possible to provide the probable solutions.

Going into Details: Where the Problem Stems from

As Zoltan (2007) marked, “In the USA, data on obesity is collected regularly through the National Health and Nutrition Examination Services (NHANES”). The most recent NHAVES data, which was collected between 1999 and 2002, indicates that the prevalence of obesity in the USA was 27.6 percent for men and 33.2 percent for women“ (83).

Thus, it cannot be denied that the rates of obesity in the USA have gained threatening scale. Affecting the nation’s health, obesity is likely to result in the overall tendency to consider the problems of health unessential. With such growth of the obesity rates, there might come the time when being overweight will be considered a norm and a social standard, not the dangerous deviation from the norm. Such results must be avoided at all costs.

It is quite peculiar that the state of obesity is considered to be connected with the wages somehow. Surprisingly, scientists have found out recently that excessive weight is interrelated with the salary closely. Thus, another parallel between the personal and even biological problems and the social position has been drawn.

As Zoltan (2007) explained, “Taken together, the results from the outside the USA suggest that the correlation of obesity with wages varies across countries and cultures” (83). Thus, since there is certain connection between the state of obesity and the social status, the problem seems even more complicated: changing the social status in order to change the weight category is quite problematic and even impossible to put into practice.


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There is no doubt that once the right approach to the existing problem is found, the society will feel relieved. In spite of the fact that one’s physical state can be compared to a feature that is completely unique and serves as a mark of the given personality, deviating from norm so much can cause certain health problems, such as the heart problems, short breath and the lack of physical strength.

Leaving aside the aspect of esthetics, being overweight is first of all the threat to one’s health. Losing the excessive weight cannot be compared to losing individuality – this is rather getting rid of numerous problems.

Health Care System Network: Big Expectations

However, there is no time t fall into despair concerning the deplorable state of the USA citizens. To help the activists promote healthy lifestyle and healthy nutrition, the health care system network has been created. With help of the specific approaches utilized by the members of the organization, it will be possible to obtain the necessary results and convince people to take care of their weight.

Thus, with a reasonable health care system network adopted it will be possible to help the entire nation lose the excessive weight, once people realize their problem. However, the key aim in the given situation is to convince people that they need to get rid of the excessive weight.

According to what Kavaler (2003) says, “At the outset of network negotiations, the need to evaluate the various cultures of the component parts of the integrated health network and their perceptions and expectations of the new organization are important considerations” (405). Thus, it is quite likely that the new health care approach will change the lives of millions of people, yet the system still needs development.

Conclusion: The Sweet Reconciliation

In spite of the fact that at present the problem described above poses a serious threat to the society, there is no doubt that with help of the health care system the ways to help the overweight people will be found. It must be taken into consideration that the main goal of the health care is to make people realize their problem. Since the problem has already been defied, people are already halfway closer to the solution.

Reference List

Kavaler, F., & Spiegel, A. D. (2003) Risk Management in Health Care Instructions: A Strategic Approach. Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.


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Zoltan, J. A., Lyles, A., & Stanton, K. R. (2007) Obesity, Business and Public Policy. Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar Publishing.