Two residents of Russia won lottery jackpots

For two residents of Russia became millionaires last few days due to participation in state lotteries.

 A resident of Yaroslavl won the lottery «Rapid» from the distributor of state lotteries «Stoloto». The winner’s name was known only three weeks after the announcement of the results. The prize in the amount of 1.1 million rubles. Tatiana got Tyholiz. A woman takes part in the draw for the first time and have not developed their own ritual, according to which to buy tickets.

 Already having a successful experience, Tatiana always buy tickets on the day when her husband drives a car under a bridge, on which at the moment the train rides. At this time Tatiana for the first time to hit the jackpot. On the money woman working currently as an accountant, planned purchase of a car.

 By the way, «Stoloto» responded to the accusations of dishonesty draw.

 Another winner of the lottery, in this case the 1316-edition of «Russian lotto» was the girl from Togliatti. It is known that Olga Balashova won 1 million rubles. According herself the winner, it was the first bought a lottery ticket in her life. When was named jackpot, the friends of Olga at first could not believe such a big win. The fact that it is better to spend the money, the girl until he thinks with his parents.

 Recall, the Bulgarian government banned the holding of private lotteries.

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